Environmental Policy

We understand that the actions and inactions of our firm will have an impact on the ability of our environment to support current and future generations. This impact can be positive or negative, but it is rarely neutral.

Our firm is committed to promoting the conservation and re-use of consumable materials, such as paper in reports and to support the use of renewable energy sources, where possible. Examples include:

  • We always recommend that our clients distribute RFP’s electronically and that they accept and promote electronic proposal responses, rather than requiring paper proposals. The need for paper in this process is no longer necessary, given the software tools available to review and annotate these documents.
  • In some areas of the country, ethanol-based fuels, with a higher proportion of ethanol, are available. In these areas, we recommend that our consultants purchase the higher ethanol brands to promote the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Our consultants work to coordinate their travel schedules to promote multi-passenger use of rented automobiles, as well as utilizing mass transit system, where possible. We are very good at getting this done. It not only helps to provide sustainable transportation practices, it also reduces project costs to our client.
  • Where possible, we rent hybrid automobiles and/or high-MPG rated automobiles to reduce fuel consumption and pollution.
  • In our offices and at client facilities, we try to participate in all recycling programs to allow re-use of materials rather than generating demand for entirely new materials. Many of our clients accept this practice.

The key points of our Environmental Policy are:

  • Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible.
  • Minimize toxic emissions through the selection and use of low-emission, high miles/gallon rental cars.
  • Promote rechargeable batteries wherever possible.
  • Actively promote recycling both internally and with our clients.
  • Meet or exceed any environmental legislation that relates to our firm.
  • Utilize any opportunity to raise awareness of opportunities to minimize our environmental footprint.
Charles R. Moran
Sr. Partner and CEO
Moran Technology Consulting, Inc.
Paul R. Giebel
Partner and COO
Moran Technology Consulting, Inc.

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