Author: Charlie Moran

Lousy cooks ruin your soup….

My wife is a great cook. We often go to the store together to buy the ingredients she needs – she buys the freshest stuff, and the right type of things, etc. We get home and there are two possible scenarios: I cook the meal; or she cooks the meal. If I cook it, the… Read more »

Do they know something that we don’t?

In previous posts, I’ve discussed that the downward trend in new SIS implementations. We’ve also examined how the institutions that are implementing new SIS products are largely moving to cloud-based systems.  In this post, lets dig in to see Who these early adopters of cloud SIS?”. We’ve been working with LISTedTECH for data for our… Read more »

Data Centers? We don’t need no stinking Data Centers!

By: Charlie Moran, Sr. Partner & CEO, Moran Technology Consulting Justin Menard, CEO, LISTedTECH This article is Cross-posted at LISTedTECH * In a previous blog post, we discussed a multi-year downward trend of new Student Information System (SIS) implementations.  Despite this downtrend, there are still many institutions upgrading and buying new SIS suites. In this… Read more »

Some clouds aren’t clouds… but a truth is a truth….

I decided to play Don Quixote and try to define cloud computing… it probably won’t work, but I’m gonna try! A few times a month, I find myself talking with a campus CIO who says “A board member says we have to move to the Cloud right away.” I say “Do they know what that… Read more »

Current Trends in the Higher Ed SIS Market 2010 – 2018

This article is Cross-posted at LISTedTECH By: Charlie Moran, Sr. Partner & CEO, Moran Technology Consulting Justin Menard, CEO, LISTedTECH Key points: New Student Information System (SIS) implementations have been plummeting since 2011 Small to medium sized institutions with less than 10,000 students are more likely than larger institutions to install a new product in… Read more »

Collaborate and Communicate: Selecting and Implementing an Enterprise System

I was part of a team that wrote an EDUCAUSE Review article on Selecting and Deploying a Enterprise Systems – I hope you find it helpful as you think through the benefits and challenges of moving to a new Enterprise System (SIS, Finance, HR/Payroll, CRM, …! Head over to Educause Review to read it!

Ellucian – You could have been my hero… Sigh….

Ellucian owns a few ERP suites and the best and most robust is their Banner product line and it appears to be the recipient of most of Ellucian’s new product development. However, over the past several years, new Banner licenses have been hard to find for Ellucian. We’ve heard estimates that Banner provides about 50%… Read more »