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MTC has worked with a wide variety of clients, from community colleges to major research universities. We understand the unique needs of both higher education campuses & corporations. MTC has the experience and resources that are critical to the success of implementing any new technology.

Planning for an SIS Replacement at the University of California, Berkeley

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The University of California, Berkeley (UCB) made a strategic decision to replace its constellation of aging and disparate home-grown student systems with a modern, nimble and effective vendor-supported system. The project had strong support from campus executive leadership and was seen as one of UCB’s highest administrative priorities.  In order to help with this project, UCB hired MTC to:

  • Perform a readiness assessment for implementing a student information system;
  • Gather business requirements for a student information system;
  • Develop specifications and evaluation criteria that may be used in one or more RFPs to procure a new student information system and/or an implementation partner;
  • Develop a quality assurance plan and draft specification and evaluation criteria to be used to procure a firm to execute the plan.

The RFP development was focused on identifying qualified SIS packages, database management licenses required to support the SIS, hosting service solutions, and the associated systems implementation services to meet the campus student information needs. UCB utilized MTC’s proven templates for creating statements of work for SI and hosting, pricing files for software, systems implementation and hosting, an RFP template for a combined software, SI, database and hosting components, and an SI legal contract template (we do not provide legal support – our clients acquire their own legal counsel).

The RFP process was driven by MTC and involved four major components:

  • Enterprise class SIS software;
  • SIS Systems Implementation services;
  • RDBMS; and
  • Hosting Services

As part of the Hosting review, we had UCB’s internal IT organization provide a fully-costed proposal for hosting the services internally.

MTC assisted UCB in developing evaluation criteria for each of the four components.  After responses were evaluated, MTC participated in the negotiations with the finalist vendors.

Student System Assessment for University of California Riverside Extension

UCR Extension provides continuing educational services to over 25,000 students per year. In addition to providing traditional continuing education, UCR Extension also has a very large international program that has some unique data and student information system needs.

MTC was selected to help the University assess its current student services processes against the function provided by the existing student information system, and develop scenarios for the future evolution of the system to best support the unique needs of UCR Extension. Various migration scenarios were studied, including alternative vendor packages and application rebuild approaches. UCR Extension has decided to streamline its student services processes and develop an RFP for a new student system.

IT Support Assessment for Ithaca College

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Ithaca College (IC) is a highly rated private institution that requested consulting support to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the College’s major IT resources, both centralized and decentralized. After assessing the situation, MTC worked with key individuals to develop an IT Strategy for the next 3-4 years.

MTC conducted interviews/focus group with all the major user stakeholder groups and all of the information technology staff and developed an assessment of the current environment.

This high-level assessment worked to identify the major strengths and weaknesses of IC’s IT resourced and processes as they are provided to support the academic, research and administrative needs of the campus. Based on our assessment findings, a set of Improvement Recommendations were made to improve the effectiveness and efficiency if its IT Services.

Project Management provided for ERP implementation at The John Marshall Law School

After John Marshall Law School chose to replace their legacy ERP application, Moran Technology Consulting was selected to provide independent project management, from project planning through implementation.

The project included implementing:

  • General ledger, student administration, financial aid, and advancement modules
  • New single sign-on student, faculty and staff portal, including a mobile version
  • New integrated payment processing gateway
  • New learning management system: Moodle, integrated through the portal
  • New business intelligence and data warehouse for reporting and analysis

In addition to providing project leadership across the functional teams, MTC provided process design assistance when needed to help functional areas transition their business processes to the new system.

The law school went live with the last system components within a year of implementing the first module, significantly faster than the initial implementation schedule proposed by the software vendor.

Active Directory health check performed for a California state university

CSUBefore expanding the role of their Active Directory, MTC performed a health check of a California State University’s Active Directory implementation.

The Active Directory health check was run against the entirety of the university forest and its domains. Results were presented at the Forest Level, Domain Level, and Domain Controller Level.

The finding/issues discovered were categorized by severity level: Low, Medium, High, and Security Risk. An overall rating was provided as well. After addressing these issues, the university was much more confident expanding their use of Active Directory as reliable, secure, highly-available service for the campus.

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