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Higher-Ed Optimized IAM Implementations

Our approach is collaborative. We consult with you and not at you, using proven methodologies to provide pragmatic recommendations that fit your requirements, budget, and culture. Based upon our extensive experience, we have developed the optima IAM implementation methodology for higher education.

Optima Higher-Ed IAM Deployment

  • Incorporates higher-ed’s complex lifecycle management requirements
  • Standardizes and simplifies IAM design and deployment
  • Is Policy driven
  • Reduces time, risks, and costs
  • Empowers clients to own and maintain IAM policy configurations

Noteworthy Features

Clearly Defined Scope

Optima implementations begin with a clearly defined and fixed scope of services for the initial IGA deployment focused on standard sources, targets, affiliations, attributes, and IGA services

Lifecycle Management Policy 

The optima IGA implementation methodology utilizes standard lifecycle policy templates that simplify the initial deployment while providing clients the ability to easily deploy, manage, and modify policies to meet their ➢ unique requirements

Project Management

MTC enables the optima IAM deployments with proven communications, testing, and deployment methods as well as project controls.