Outsourcing & Cloud Sourcing Analysis and Planning

Most large IT organizations face continual pressure to operate more efficiently while delivering an ever growing portfolio of services. Did you notice that you never get to un-automate anything? You just get more new work to add on top of all the old work.

One strategy for addressing this challenge is to outsource some portion of your workload, using external hosting, development and support resources and services.
Every day there are more options available for outsourcing operations and applications.
The important questions are:

  • Should we outsource pieces of the operation or move some applications to the cloud?
  • If yes, what operations or applications should we utilize?

MTC can help you figure out the what /when /where of IT outsourcing or cloud sourcing. Our services include:

Opportunity Identification:

  • Assessing the cost-competitiveness of your existing operations and recommending improvement changes and/or candidates for outsourcing

Alternative Strategies:

  • Developing and analyzing alternative outsourcing options and recommending the best approach for each specific situation

Requirements Development:

  • Developing outsourcing requirements and vendor RFP’s

Vendor Evaluation:

  • Supporting the evaluation of outsourcing vendors and their proposals

Transition Planning and Support:

  • Supporting the transition between in-house and outsourced operations or visa versa

Post-Outsource Audits:

  • Conducting audits of the outsourced vendor’s service delivery and contract compliance

Cloud Migration Strategy Services

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